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Guide to Cold Brew Coffee It has been over forty years that cold-brewed coffee has been the favorite of coffee drinkers, from the regular ones to connoisseurs, but they are just beginning to discover its benefits. While still using their favorite brand of coffee, cold-brewing ground beans produces a coffee that is naturally low in acid. For the tens of millions of coffee lovers who suffer from acid sensitivity, this is good news especially after learning that cold-brewed coffee is approximately sixty seven percent less acidic than coffee brewed by conventional hot-brew methods, and causing them to suffer heartburns. People think that the only way to extract the coffee beans’ delicious flavor is to mix them with hot water. Extracting the beans’ true flavor is simply to put it in a state that it can easily be mixed with water so that the undesirable bitter acids and oils are eliminated.
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This is how to turn your coffee bean into a beverage. Long before you brew them, you have to start with the raw material (the bean itself), that must be roasted then lastly separated into grounds. The ways by which you can buy coffee is unprocessed, already roasted, or roasted and ground coffee. Coffee can be perked, dripped, boiled, reconstituted, pressed, or cold-brewed.
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The last method, the cold-brew, is a no-tech, non-electrical extraction method that uses cold water and coarsely ground coffee beans. But unlike most of those other methods by heating them up, cold-brewing extract the flavor of the coffee bean using a process that is deceptively simple. You simply need to put a full pound of coarsely ground coffee in nine cups of cold water in a plastic pail and allow the mulch to soak for around twelve house. After twelve hours soaking, you open the bottom drain so as to allow the ticklish coffee syrup to drain through a filter into a glass carafe. You can store you coffee syrup in the refrigerator until you are ready to drink it by simply adding cold or hot water, whichever suits your taste. For those who have a sensitive stomach, cold brewed which is smooth and full flavored is a great drink. The cold brew coffee concentrate or syrup with retain its taste and freshness up to fourteen days. You can store this concentrate and it can be mixed with your favorite recipes like iced and frozen drinks. You can even freeze them so you have coffee ice cubed which you can bring on trips as instant coffee and other applications that you can think of. And it is less likely that you will be throwing out leftovers like when you brew coffee the traditional way. You only make what you will drink using coffee concentrate. One cup at a time.