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Will Kratom Become Illegal in the U.S.?

Although there already are millions of proponents of the safety and effectiveness of kratom, the herb is currently subjected to possible ban by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). According to the DEA, the fact that kratom contains two chemical ingredients in the form of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine with psychoactive properties could mean it could be utilized in some way that’s similar to illegal drugs.

Kratom is actually classified as an evergreen tree growing in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, more specifically in the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. Although kratom isn’t popular in the west, it is actually part of traditional medicine in Southeast Asia, where the native population has been using it since the 19th century. Nevertheless, there always will be some intrigue or even controversy as to the plant’s natural opiate and stimulant properties.

Those who believe in the effectiveness and safety of kratom are quick to argue that there really is no bad or “high” side effect of using the leaves for whatever healing or medical purpose. They further contend that it is by far the most revealing alternative source of pain relief, something that’s a lot better than over-the-counter medicine. Aside from pain relief, kratom is also widely used to treat psychological disorders and issues. For the most part, the leaves are processed and turned in to either powder or tea form for consumption.
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According to the DEA report, there could be a possibility that anyone caught with the possession of kratom may face the same penalties to that of possession of heroin.
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Additionally, the same agency defends its would-be policy of banning kratom as necessary for poison control issues. Seriously, the DEA thinks kratom can poison humans? Well, why haven’t we heard any news about hundreds of thousands of people in Southeast Asia dying from kratom poisoning?

Now for those who might have become a skeptic of the kratom plant’s remarkable healing powers, they certainly cannot be blamed if they steer clear from it once it is made illegal.

But one thing is for sure – kratom and its pain relief wonders are caused by the presence of alkaloids in the leaves. And about that issue of the possibility of getting high when consuming excessive amounts of it, it is safe to say that there is no such thing as overdosing through the consumption of kratom. As a matter of fact, once the human body detects that it already has ingested too much of kratom, it naturally responds through vomiting. Therefore, there really is zero sense in trying to label kratom as something similar to common prohibited drugs and substances.