Freshening up your commerical kitchen

A spring clean can be just what you need to blow away the winter cobwebs and breathe new life back into your home. Most people think nothing of throwing open the windows and donning their rubber gloves at home when spring rolls round, but do we always offer the same courtesy to our business? A commercial kitchen or restaurant should really be getting a deep clean every quarter – and this means going beyond wiping down the surfaces. When it’s done right a thorough clean in a commercial kitchen will enhance the setting, making it cleaner and safer. In turn, this will make the staff who work there happier and more productive too. But what does a deep clean in a commercial kitchen entail?

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Research from fire safety company Kauffman suggests that grease is one of the most dangerous fire hazards in a kitchen due to it’s highly flammable nature and the ease with which it can get built up. To keep your kitchen safe you need to remove grease regularly. This may mean taking cooking equipment such as fryers and grills apart so you can clean them thoroughly. Use decarbonising products to help shift grease and grime.

Don’t Forget the Stockroom

It may feel like a painstaking task but it’s one that will leave your stockroom far cleaner and organised. Get rid of any out of date products and wipe shelving and surfaces down, then re-organise your stock so that finding the ingredients you need is easier in future.

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New Uniforms

Your staff are the face of your business and it’s important that they look clean and tidy too. If whites are bordering on grey then it’s definitely time to re-order some new clothing.


The surfaces in your kitchen and restaurant will usually be sprayed and wiped down daily anyway, but during a deep clean it could be beneficial to use a pressure washing tool to really eliminate any ingrained dirt, grease or stains. Don’t forget less obvious surfaces such as solid door refrigeration units (, flooring, sinks and back splashes.


Timing is everything when it comes to a deep clean. Ideally you should enlist staff to come in at a time when the restaurant is closed or very quiet. Extra staff could focus on the task in hand while the rest continued with service.