How to pick a commercial oven

A commercial oven is at the heart of any catering company or restaurant. Without one, you simply would not be able to operate. With so many sizes and choices available, from range ovens to combi ovens, and factors like fuelling and extraction to consider, choosing the right oven can be difficult.

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Type of Power and Fuel

Commercial ovens can be fuelled by gas, electricity, oil or charcoal. What you need will depend on the power options you have in place at your premises. Some ovens offer dual fuel, allowing you to use different fuels at different times to save money.


Getting the size right is vitally important. Space in the kitchen is valuable. An oven that is too big will take up precious space, whilst one that is too small will see you running under capacity and losing money. Think about how many covers you can accommodate in one dinner, and take into account how much space you have.

Type of Oven

There are many more types of commercial ovens on the market than domestic ones. Many premises choose an oven range, a static option that most closely resembles your home oven but tends to be larger, like those found at

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This style has a large internal area for roasting, baking and cooking and a hob/stove on top for frying and boiling. However, combi ovens are often the top choice for caterers because they are so versatile. Convection ovens that cook food fast and move it along on rollers are perfect for fast food or pizza restaurants, whilst potato ovens are ideal for small cafes that intend to sell mostly sandwiches and jacket potatoes.


It makes more sense to decide your budget after you have thought about what type of oven and what size you need so that you can be realistic about what prices to expect.


Large commercial cookers tend to produce heat, grease and smoke. Not only is this unpleasant, but you are also legally required to ensure it is extracted. Some ovens come with extractors included, but you may need to buy a commercial extraction canopy for others.

As you can see, there are many types of ovens and additional features to consider, so make sure you do plenty of research before buying an oven for your catering company.