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Advantages of Having a Meat Grinder If you want to have a control in what goes in your food, it is good to get a meat grinder. Or maybe you are looking to experiment with different types of burgers. So whatever reason you have for wanting to buy a meat grinder, be sure that grinding your own meat will spoil you. And once you have tried grinding your own meat, you would never want to buy pre ground meat again from the grocery store. Besides the objective of controlling what goes in your food includes not to anymore guess what is in your ground meat, how it is processed and how frequent they are prepared.
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Grinding meat is similar to cutting vegetable in that once they are cut up into small pieces, they begin to wilt and they are then exposed to more bacterial contamination like E-coli. You can never be too sure about the freshness of ground meat in the grocery because you cannot tell if it was freshly ground, daily ground, or ground weekly to conserve time. As ground meat sits in the meat counter, it begins to lose quality and flavor, and is more likely to become contaminated compared to freshly ground meat.
The Essentials of Equipment – Breaking Down the Basics
So if you are the burger lover who want to experiment on different kinds of burgers, then a meat grinder will allow you to control how much fat content you want to put in your burger and whatever type of meat you want to grind, pork, veal, or others. Next to being convinced that grinding your own meat is the way to go, is to closely consider what type of meat grinder you should buy. There are two kinds of grinders to choose from. You could either get the manual meat grinder or the electric grinder. Manual grinders are much less expensive than electric grinders. And they are smaller than the electric ones and are ideal if you don’t have enough room to store. And because they are manual, you have to use your muscles to twist and crank it while feeding the meat through the grinder. An electric meat grinder can grind meat much faster and more efficiently than a hand crank grinder. Electric meat grinders are also more hygienic since there is less hand-meat contact than a manual one. An electric grinder is definitely more expensive but you are paying for the convenience of making the whole meat grinding process easier, faster and more efficient. Whatever you choice of electric grinder is, it will definitely come from your personal preference. Some may not mind using a small manual grinder because they want to grind just enough meat for a single serving or two and maintaining that fresher and cleaner taste.