kraft bag The Right Choice For Promotion

kraft bag The Right Choice For Promotions – kraft bag is one type of bag or bag that is used to hold items to be easily carried. As the name implies, kraft bag for promotion are generally made of paper, so these bags are also often referred to as kraft bag.

The beginning of the history of kraft bag for promotion was first discovered by Margaret E. Knight who was an employee in a kraft bag factory. Then in 1870 Knight succeeded in making the world’s first kraft bag company. Thanks to his discovery, kraft bag are still often used by many people, especially agencies or companies that need merchandise.
Currently, kraft bag for promotion in the market is generally made of paper art carton and kraft. The difference lies in its thickness, in the paper art, the material is thicker and harder while the kraft material is thinner. Read Also: ถุงคราฟท์

In modern times like today where fashion is a major concern making this bag now shifts to its function. This bag does not currently only function as a luggage bag. But there is another side that is an added value for users of kraft bag, namely aesthetic value. The basic material of kraft bag that is easy to make in any model makes this bag suitable to wear at any time and for any moment.
Other added value of this bag is very suitable to be made as merchandise other than to give awards to customers as well as promotions. This is due to the existence of wide support or field on both sides so it is very suitable to put the company logo or company name in other words this bag is very suitable as a promotional media. And here are some advantages of the kraft bag that the Kaka Visual team took from various sources.

Some Benefits of kraft bag for Promotion

The first advantage of this bag is in terms of utility. kraft bag has many uses and is very useful for many things such as storing goods and also carrying items. Because it has many benefits this kraft bag is very suitable for use as merchandise because people tend to use it repeatedly considering its significant function.

kraft bag Looks Fashionable

As mentioned earlier, the kraft bag is often used by many people because of fashionable reasons. This bag is considered capable of making someone’s appearance more attractive to look attractive. This reason is also what makes many people often use this bag for daily activities. This is certainly very fitting for brand owners to make this bag as merchandise.

kraft bag Has Affordable Prices

Another added value of this kraft bag is the affordable price. Usually, the price of a kraft bag offered by each company varies depending on the number of bags ordered. The number ordered, the cheaper the price. With a low cost, the company only needs to pay a small amount for its promotional needs. This is certainly the most sought after, effective promotion at an affordable cost.
Well, here are some reasons why this kraft bag should be considered for your company’s merchandise.