Serving Your Guests Mouthwatering Surprises a After Dinner

Are you having a dinner party soon for a few guests? You may have the meal all planned and your home set and ready to entertain. But have you put any thought into what to have after the meal? Most guests love to linger around and unwind after eating. Maybe you’ll all sit down for cards and conversation? If so, it’ll be nice to have some snacks and drinks on hand. Here are just a few possible choices that you may want to consider:

After-Dinner Drinks

A good drink, hot or cold, is something to definitely incorporate into your main menu as well as your dessert menu too. It helps to decide what you want and then stock your fridge and liquor cabinet ahead of your get-together. If you’re looking for something refreshing to serve before, during and after dinner, consider a sangria you can make yourself. Start by choosing your favorite chilled wine. From there, you can add some sparkling juice and fresh fruits of your choice. Make it stand out by using mugs or glasses that are decorative.

For after dinner, choose a creamy coffee drink. Brew your gourmet coffee ahead of time and let it cool. Set some aside right away and place in an ice cube tray and freeze. Make the perfect frozen coffee by using the coffee and adding ice, chocolate syrups or another flavor of almond orgeat syrup tailored to your specific recipe. You can also serve the coffee warm, add flavored syrups like amaretto, heavy or whipped cream and caramel syrup to give it a smooth, sweet taste.

Choosing the Best Dessert

A hot coffee drink or frozen cocktail is always welcomed after a pleasant meal. Adding a good dessert will take it a step further and really impress your guests. Chocolate is almost always a favorite among most people, so a chocolate cake that is infused with mocha or fudge can add extra flavor to your cake.

A Texas sheet cake is also a sweet, decadent cake that has a moist base with a thin layer of super sweet frosting on the top. While the cake has to be homemade, using several ingredients, the result is well worth the praise you’ll get from your guests. You can choose between fudge and even peanut butter if you want to change the flavor up to accommodate what your guests will want.

If you are a cheesecake fan, you can create a cheesecake bar. Order or make up a few cheesecakes. From there, have some toppings out and available for guests to garnish their piece of cake. Blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry are good choices. You can also have bottles of chocolate, flavored syrups, caramel and marshmallow available as a garnish.

Perfecting Popcorn

If you’re planning on hosting a movie premiere or Grammy party, having all sorts of snacks and drinks available after dinner is key for the perfect party. This starts with popcorn. If you’re a popcorn buff, there’s a good chance that you’ll already have popcorn supplies on hand and a good popcorn maker. Making sure you’re stocked with the essentials such as:

  • A popcorn maker or pan with a lid
  • Fresh, premium popcorn
  • Popcorn salt
  • Butter or buttery topping
  • Individual bags or bowls for each guest

You can also have specific flavor toppings for guests to try, such as cheddar cheese, garlic butter and sour cream and onion. This makes it fun for everyone to try new things and gain interest in the evening. Don’t forget to include a candy bar that has some of the classic popcorn loving snacks such as chocolate chips, peanut butter patties, and small chocolate covered mints.

Relaxing with Wine and Chocolate

While a variety of chocolate goes great with popcorn or as a side snack, taking things a step further with chocolate can really wow your guests. Choosing gourmet chocolate pieces relaxes the palette and helps guests enjoy a fine wine with the right chocolate piece. Don’t skimp. Choose Belgian chocolate that has the finest hazelnuts and caramel on the inside. You can step it up by having chocolate covered truffles and a variety of liquor filled chocolates that are handmade. Pair up with your favorite wine and you’ve given guests something to really remember.

Entertaining guests should be enjoyable. Take it a step further by keeping the party going way after you’ve finished dinner.