The Paradise Food is Delicious, These Are 5 Uncommon Asian Foods

The combination of many cultures is characteristic of many countries in Asia which is also reflected in the food variant. So unique, food in Asia is often a preserved cultural heritage! Have not had time to try one by one?

Carrot cake

make no mistake, if you know carrot cake that you know is a kind of cake, then the carrot cake from Singapore is completely different! Yes, made from eggs, pickled radishes, and bread flour mixed to resemble white carrots, this one dish is indeed a Singaporean meal for lunch. In this country there are also food packaging designers and branding agencies that can help you decorate your meal according to your taste.

Tom Kha Gai

If Thailand is famous for its purpose, then you should try this ‘brother’ tom yum this one! In contrast to Tom Yum, which tastes spicy and sweet, Tom Kha gai has a savory taste because of its coconut milk. Moreover, coupled with the taste of onions, lemongrass, and various other herbs that make this meal feel more fresh!


If in Indonesia kebabs are wrapped in bread prata, then in Mumbai kebabs are pieces of meat arranged in a puncture. Hmmm, it looks like a typical Yogyakarta satay klatak.

Vada Pav

Do not get me wrong, the picture above does not know how round it is! It is similar in shape, but the Vada Pav from Mumbai is a fried dish made from base mixed with onions, chili, and wrapped in soft flour that is tempting. It is said that the Vada Pav is very popular with various circles in Mumbai. So curious?

Chinese Tofu Pudding

Have you ever tasted the Portuguese egg tart which is often sold in shopping malls? Well, this time you have to try the Hong Kong version! Sweet, legit and warm, it’s the hallmark of Chinese Tofu Pudding. Most of the time, this food serves as a snack menu in dim sum restaurants to neutralize the salty taste of the tongue from savory dimsum menus.

Well, that’s 5 foods on mainland Asia which according to them, they can even compete, with the pleasure of cooking in western countries. Can’t wait to immediately try this unique food one by one? It does not matter!