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This is All You Need to Know When Constructing Window Wells

The ability of man to make decent housing for himself is one thing that separates him from the rest of the living creatures. Getting enough space in the homes, however, is one challenge that has been facing man. In the quest of getting adequate space in the homes, people have done all sorts of house renovations and designs. One of the most creative renovations ideas is the turning of your house basement into a habitable space. Turning your basement into a living space is cheaper than the construction of a new extra room.

Basements being under the normal ground level are dark, cold and sometimes not the ideal places to live. Man, however, has been forced to make basements into living rooms owing to the growing need for living space. One way of achieving this is through the construction of window wells. A structure made in the likeness of a well outside basement windows is called a window well. The few things you need to know before constructing a window well for your basement forms the basis of our discussion in this writeup.

Due to the different risks and disasters that face the current world like fires, burglary and earthquakes, the construction of window wells has been made a mandatory requirement for all buildings. This means that you must have window wells in place if your house has basements. Safety, therefore, becomes the first thing you need to consider in the construction of window wells. A good window well should have an easy way to exit. This may be by inclusion of walking stairs or have it constructed at an inclining angle. Whichever way you chose to make your window well usable for exit, remember to make it safe for the users.

Next, your window well should provide both beauty and enough light. Painting of window wells in bright colors or having them made in shiny materials are some of the things aimed at achieving the above objective. On the window wells, you may also add decorations. The distance of the well from the window is something else that may also affect the amount of light to your basement. If a widow well is far from the window, it will allow more light than that constructed close to the window.

The last and very important thing you have to consider when constructing your window well is the drainage. Being below the ground level, it is possible to have your window well become a water reservoir if not well constructed. How water runs from the window well is one plan you ought to, therefore, have before even embarking on the construction of the window well. Water drainage from the well may be done by use of shallow trenches or have the base of the window well well-constructed to allow for rapid water drainage.

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Homes

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Homes