7 Incredible Birthday Surprises for Your Girlfriend

Remember a year back, all she wanted was a kajal and a lip gloss and now her wish-list is brimming with makeup palettes, premium brushes and what not. She might be just a year old now but her wish-list has changed incredibly and it’s time you too match up with her and give her a good time on her birthday to make all wishes come true. And to help you out, we have come up with not one but seven ways to surprise her on her birthday and you can definitely count on these for these are going to leave her aww-struck.

  • Hanging Photo Gallery

Birthday comes with birthday balloons. How about we give a makeover to these and besides using them as a decoration essential, use their threads to tie photos and full the whole gallery with hanging colorful twist. By this simple decoration, you can make her walk to her bedroom memorable on her birthday night.

  • Favorite Celebrity Autograph

Bet she goes bonkers after his name. No, we are not talking about you! It’s that one celebrity who she worships day and night, stalks him on every social platform and god knows what all. It’s her birthday, leave no stone unturned and get his autograph on her favorite tee and next thing you know, she will go bonkers over you.

  • Shopping Surprise

There’s no lady on this Mother Earth who doesn’t like to shop and your lady is no exception. Take her out on a nice brunch accompanied with a visit to her favorite shopping store. You can even go and buy her something she has been yearning for since long.

  • Radio Birthday Wishes

Yes, she has been getting phone calls all night long, but how about you make her morning, a beautiful one when she’s being wished by her favorite RJ. No excuses, go make some calls, drop few emails, you can make this happen.

  • Midnight Madness

Make her day, a flavorful one by sending her a happy birthday cake. Surprise her as the clock ticks midnight with an online cake delivery that is all set to deliver her a tempting cake infused with love and endearment.

  • Dinner By Poolside

Water is known to slow-down time so that you can live every second the way you want to. Pre-book a table by a poolside and next thing you know, she’s your mermaid celebrating her birthday underwater-style.

  • Magical Moments Scrapbook

Hand-drawn notes, random doodles, craft a scrapbook from the scratch and fill it with your creativity. Just in case her birthday is near, you can even order online a creative notebook and scrap it up. In between your creativity, you can even slip in love letters that will just adorn her day with much love and excitement.

There’s no denying she’s one-in-a-million but you need not go through million ways to warm her heart. All you need is a simple thoughtful gesture to remind your lady how she’s important and precious to you.