My Favorite Restaurant in All of Sydney

When I decided to try a Turkish restaurant out in Sydney, it turned out to be more delicious than I ever could have imaged. The first thing I tried there was the Halal Snack Pack because a friend had suggested it to me. It was the entire reason that I was in the restaurant in the first place, because she could not quit raving about it. I wanted something before I tried that though so I looked at the starter section of the menu. I could make a meal just on what I found there!

I asked what their soup of the day was, and I ordered a bowl of that. The complementary bread was delicious with the soup, and I could have ordered another bowl because it was just so delicious. I really wanted to save the rest of my appetite for the Halal Snack Pack though because it sounded so good too. I had the chicken one served with a garlic sauce, and it was even better than I ever could have imagined. It was served with chips, and even those tasted better than what I am used to getting in different restaurants.

I rarely eat at home since it is just me. I would rather hook up with one of my family members or friends and go out to eat, and this is the restaurant that I take a lot of them to now. Their menu has so many different options. It has the traditional Turkish foods that I have really come to love, but it has chicken burgers, pizza, chips, and so many other things that even the pickiest of eaters will be able to find something there. This is a great place to eat, and it has quickly become my favorite restaurant in all of Sydney!