Stocking Your Kitchen on a Budget

Your kitchen is likely to be a center place in your house. How many hostesses have welcomed their company, chatted in the entryway for a bit and then passed up the living room with its couches and recliners to say, “let’s go into the kitchen, it’s more comfortable in there!”?

Your kitchen will also be the center for your food and dining needs. If you are on a budget but you want your kitchen to have the same effect as the kitchens you see on TV programs, you will need to have some tricks up your apron sleeves.

One way that you can get the kitchen you really desire is to focus on the products. This isn’t in reference to the kitchen appliances, the kitchen mixers, the blenders and the professional knife sets, but rather the food and the memories that your kitchen really has the potential to produce.

After all, if you are more interested in owning the pots and the pans and the fine china than you are the people that you will be serving food too and enjoying the time in your kitchen with then there really isn’t a budget big enough for your kitchen fantasies. However, if you are genuinely trying to help everyone who walks into your kitchen feel at home, you can accomplish this on even the most modest budget.

One of the tradeoffs with a larger budget however is the work one can save with the purchase of kitchen aids and appliances. If you are on a budget you will need to put more work into the finished products.

This can be done however and a basic understanding of how kitchen appliances work and also knowledge of different food ingredients and their roles in your favorite dishes will help you make up the difference. For example, the role of an electric mixer in the preparation of morning waffles can be taken over with a bowl and a whisk or spoon.

The basic function is to blend the ingredients and possibly whip the egg whites. You can do all of this by hand, even the egg whites.

If you understand, however, that whole eggs in your waffle mix, un-whipped, will still add almost the same fluffiness as whipped egg whites in your mix, you will probably chose to forego the manual whipping. If you are ever taking the place of a kitchen appliance you should consider how it gets its work done in the first place; for example, whisking in the traditional overhand method would be much less productive that just placing the cylindrical handle between your two hands and rapidly spinning the whisk by rubbing your hands together.