People love to let their hair down and down a drink or two. They love to unwind in places that are totally different from the formal set up. The place should be lively and happening. The youngsters throng such places or hip crowd find these places to just to any occasion parties and celebrations. Check out the Chicago best restaurants here.

If you you are looking for quiet and peace, this isn’t the place to to go. Here people will definitely be enjoying themselves and there won’t be time for being sombre.

Ema is a good restaurant and lounge where smaller plate portions are delicious and enticing with drinks.

Craft beer selection and glasses of wine start serving during the happy hour, served with signature dishes.

Sumirobata bar chef Gene kato is an intimate Japanese cocktail bar with Japanese whiskeys, sakes and spirits.

Charltan here the Italian fare is brought to the west. Though there is a different list of typical American kind. It’s good to try out what the Italians drink too. There is chance for local brews and customised cocktails.

Arabella is a Peruvian inspired restaurant with local DJs playing Latin beats with exotic craft cocktails. The well curated drink menu is the highlight of the lounge here. What’s special is you can taste the Asian, Caribbean, European and American too.

Duck inn is the answer to the people who like there food joint to be neighbourhood friendly and chef focussed menu. To get the tast of this the diners can ask a special request for the chef’s tasting menu with the craft beer or wine.

The drifter is like a invite only bar where you get to booze in the basement with some burlesque.This place has an old world charm of the rouge days and female bartenders. The menu of drinks change every night and displayed on tarot cards. Here no food is served but very you get naughty performances from Wednesday to Saturday.

Elizabeth is a tickets only restaurant, the pricing of the menu changes with each day of the week you order. It’s a rustic feel restaurant. Check out the other Chicago best restaurants here.

Big star is a rock and road style restaurant with whiskey themed menu. Hardcore fans and casual diners would love this kind of fare.

Bottlefork here food and booze go together as perfectly as can be. There contemporary American flavour as well as the local fare incorporated beautifully.

The Blanchard has a modern take on the classic French cuisine. Here the diners can a peek into how there meals are cooked with the open counter facility. You could order signature dishes. The vibe is clubby and a host of people flock to sample the love put behind those exquisite dishes.

Spiaggia is a highly decorated Italian restaurant. Here Top Chefcontestant Tony Mantuano oversees the kitchen.

Aire is a roof top bar with a fun ambience. You have an extensive list of craft cocktails and wines to choose from.

Cindy’s rooftop is an open air establishment with rooftop lounge and restaurant. You can order from large format punches and cocktails during the warm months. You can treat yourself to delicious rotating seasonal dishes.