What to Expect with Vietnamese Food

There is a lot to learn before having Vietnamese food; the little differences in the way that the food is served and eaten, from what you are used to. Learning what to do in a Vietnamese restaurant will help save you from embarrassment. This is the only way that you will be able to enjoy every Vietnamese dish that is served. Here are things you need to know before you order Vietnamese food at vieteat.co.uk.

Drink up the soup

Most Vietnamese food is characterised by soups. The food is also eaten using chopsticks. Thus, the soup is left in the bowl. After eating the food do not be ashamed to drink up the soup using the bowl. This is a sign that you really enjoyed the food. Failure to do this shows that you did not fully enjoy the food. The best way to show gratitude for the well-cooked food is by emptying the bowl.

The waiter waits patiently

Once you take your seat in a Vietnamese restaurant, the waiters are very patient. This means you can take as much time as you need to make up your mind. They will not move until your order is made, so they can take it immediately. Therefore, this should not be a concern.

Eat immediately

When you place your order from a table, all the dishes are not brought at the same time. Once your food is brought, start eating right away. In Vietnamese culture, it is unnecessary to wait for other people to be served to start eating. Following this guideline, when in a Vietnamese restaurant, makes it seem like you are used to eating there.  Eat like a real Vietnamese in order to enjoy the food there.

Smaller tables

A Vietnamese restaurant may seem small. You, however, will get enough seats for everyone. A single table is enough for two people. Depending on how the food is served, the table is always large enough. This is because the table is not set in the western way. All that is present is a rice bowl and a cup. The main meal is placed on a big plate and placed in the middle of the table. Food is served in smaller portions and eaten using chopsticks. Hold the bowl underneath your chin and enjoy the best Vietnamese dishes.

Ask for the bill

Once you are done eating your meal, you may sit for hours awaiting your bill. This is unlike some cultures where food is served alongside your bill. This makes you feel unrushed and allows you to relax after the meal.

When ordering a beer alongside your food, it is served cold with ice cubes. If you prefer a warm bottle of beer, make it clear to the waiter when making your order. You can, however, try out the cold beer, as you may like it.

When you visit a Vietnamese restaurant for the first time, feel free to ask about the main dish. The waiter who will wait until you place your order will be happy to explain the rice dishes, meats, vegetables, teas, and the various stews.

Image: pixabay